Katie Fritchen

Katie Fritchen, testimonial for Rachel Moore digital and social media marketing
Katie Fritchen

Working with Rachel was an absolute pleasure. Her knowledge and expertise in social media and communications is exceeded only by her passion for it; passion that is clearly evident in the high-quality work she consistently produced for TAB. Rachel is a highly professional, articulate individual whose dedication to her profession motivates her to continuously improve by seeking out and implementing new techniques, communication channels, and best practices. Rachel often took her passion for social engagement offline to plan and coordinate fun, meaningful team building activities for TAB employees. Her positive attitude and sense of humor significantly contributed to the work hard, play hard and have fun company culture and just generally makes her a wonderful person to be around.

Katie Fritchen, Crestcom International, LLC

Published by Rachel

In the words spoken by Samuel Jackson in Ironman 2, “I’m the most real person you’ll ever know.” Although I have a flair for the dramatic, I’ve never been one to live behind a facade. From the moment you meet me, I can promise you an experience grounded in transparency and lively with humor. My 40+ years of life have taught me the ability to laugh and to help others enjoy the moment with me. I use my eye for detail and focus on the big picture to bring success to anything I try, and that includes the work I do for my clients.