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Learn the latest in social media in What’s Happening! Every 2nd Tuesday at noon (MT), Really Social hosts the Laugh & Learn Livestream show focused on What’s Happening in Social Media. As apps and tools update and alter almost daily, staying ahead of the trends is key to any marketing strategy’s success. You’ll come away from this show with a fresh understanding of what’s new and what’s changed in the social media tools we all use to engage with audiences. [button url=https://huzza.io/reallysocial/live-stream/whats-happening-in-social-media type=none icon=none000 size=14 bgcolor=#ADF26D bordercolor=#FFFFFF color=# 5e6b72 ¬†hovercolor=#FFFFFF borderstyle=less_round align=none css=none000 color=#FFFFFF target=_blank]Subscribe to the Show[/button]

Finding it tough to keep up with what’s happening and changing in social media? We get that. Join us on Blab for a live, interactive check-in on the pulse of social media today: what’s new, what’s gone, and what’s changed. Got a question? Post it in a comment below. Watch the Blab below or click here to participate live. Would you like to be a guest on our Blab? Click here to get started.