How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile (Video)

This video walks through a LinkedIn Profile, from top to bottom, to show you where you can make it better and how you can improve your credibility.

Click to watch and gain insights into how your profile can work harder for you. Even Rachel has to make some tweaks to her profile as you watch the video!

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To take the improvements even further, you can download a free LinkedIn worksheet which gives you guidance on how to optimize your LinkedIn presence and build your strategy.

How to Really Use Social Media

So much social media, so little time!

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, we zoom in for an extreme close-up on how to use a specific social media platform or tool. With the aim to empower you to use social media with skill, this Blab will launch you into new possibilities of social media which you might not get on your own.

Watch the live or replay broadcast below, or click here to join and interact with us!