Which social media should I use in 2016?

Sure, we’re halfway through the year 2016. Yet, considering how rapidly the social media landscape changes, taking a look at your plans for the rest of the year is always a wise idea.


Business vs. Personal Social Media

Before jumping into the gems below, you should ask yourself if you intend to use social media for business or personal goals. While the recommendations provided here will certainly benefit a business or brand, your personal approach to social media may be similar depending on what you want to accomplish.

You have a myriad of choices in tools and platforms, so zeroing in on the ones which work best for your goals and strategy is very important. Let’s take a look at the best in social media:

Facebook Live is easy to use on the most popular social media platform worldwide.
Facebook Live is easy to use on the most popular social media platform worldwide.

Best Livestreaming (Social) Video: Facebook Live

The year 2016 has been the year of livestreaming video. While tools like Meerkat and Periscope led the way in 2015, newer tools have entered the scene to increase competition and reach more audiences.

If you’re wondering where to start with livestreaming or social video, Facebook Live is the best choice.

With few exceptions due to industry and audience, Facebook Live is an easy first choice to enter into livestreaming content.

Best Image Sharing: Pinterest

Pinterest is an exceptional platform for ecommerce through visual sharing.
Pinterest is an exceptional platform for ecommerce through visual sharing.

Visuals are a must-have in your social media posts today, and the two primary platforms for sharing images are Instagram and Pinterest. When considering which to use, Pinterest has more going for it than Intstagram from a marketing perspective.

In light of Instagram’s new algorithm to show posts based on their engagement formula, as well as the cost to advertise and late rollout of native analytics, Pinterest is a safer bet for your visual marketing. That’s without even mentioning the ability to buy products directly from a Pin!

Best Engagement Marketing: Snapchat

Snapchat Geo-Filters by Really Social
A Snapchat geo-filter can drive traffic, generate brand awareness, or celebrate an event.

Today consumers want to do business with fellow human beings, and social media which amplifies real people vs. an overall brand or logo wins the day. With that in mind, few can still argue against the growing power of Snapchat for authentic engagement marketing. That’s largely due to Snapchat being a messaging app, though today it is being used for much more.

  • Snapchat’s brief duration of video Snaps (up to 10 seconds) which only last for 24 hours on the app demands attentive engagement between Snapchat friends.
  • Friends who view your Snapchat stories can then chat to you privately for one-on-one questions, advice, and establishing a authentic relationship.
  • Even if you don’t create Snapchat stories or have an account, you can promote your event or brand using a very affordable Snapchat geo-filter which can be seen and used by Snapchatters.

Before You Start, Know Your Goals

You’d never jump into a body of water without knowing what’s in it or how deep it is, right? The same applies to your social media marketing strategy.

Each platform, or pool, is different, and therefore some platforms will help you swan dive into success. Others will cause you to flop painfully. The recommendations above may work great for many businesses and brands, but the beauty of social media means there is usually another alternative to try.

Which platforms do you think are the best for 2016? Respond below and share to keep the debate going!


Who’s Who in Social Media? Laura Pence Atencio @socialsavvygeek

Meet Laura Pence Atencio on the next episode of Who’s Who in Social Media!

Laura is a fellow member of Colorado Women in Social Media, and Rachel is thrilled to welcome her as the next guest in the Laugh & Learn Blab Series of Really Social.

Learn about Laura as a social media business owner, Twitter influencer with over 100,000 followers, and a wife and mom living in Colorado.

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Who’s Who in Social Media? Beth Johnston | Social Bridges

Beth Johnston is “Who’s Who in Social Media!”

May kicked off with a bang as Really Social interviewed Beth Johnston, a Colorado-based social media business woman and a fellow Colorado Woman in Social Media.

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The Takeaways

Rachel Moore (RM): Can you talk about the 2-3 things you do with social media through your business?

Beth Johnston (BJ): My core service is the “done for you” service: business owners are good at what they do and not necessarily good at marketing or social media. They give it to me and say, “Beth, please do this for me.”

What I’m finding, and what I’m really enjoying, is coaching and teaching! I’m an instructor at Colorado Free University and I’m really enjoying that. I didn’t think I would!

RM: What is your favorite platform and why?

BJ: Pinterest is probably my favorite platform so I must stay away from it. I have to set the timer for my phone and the alarm has to ring; if not, 2-4 hours will go by.

What I love about Pinterest is that it’s not so much a social platform, because the users that are there are creating things of what they want to be in the future: they’re planning their wedding, their house they want to build. Most other social media is about how fast someone can like a post.

RM: If a movie were being made about your life, who should play you and why?

BJ: For hotness factor, Jennifer Aniston. One of my favorite people to watch is Melissa McCarthy. She says things you wish you could say, and she does things you wish you could do. I think I want Melissa McCarthy to play me in my feature film… which is coming out in June. (laughs)

Beth was a pleasure to have as a Laugh & Learn Blab guest; watch the entire interview to learn more about her and Social Bridges!

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Using New .Social and .Live Domains

Laugh & Learn Blab series by Really Social | When & Where to Use Social Media


Thanks to a special guest, we’ll discuss the new custom domains and how to use them for SEO.

When & Where to Use Social Media: .Social & .Live Custom Domains

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

12:00 pm MT

In this Laugh & Learn Blab segment, we’ll address when & where to post from your Facebook Page using Facebook Insights:

  • Viewing your most engaging posts;
  • Seeing which types of posts resonate with your audience;
  • Learn the demographics of your Page fans;
  • Discover crucial local Facebook user data;
  • And more!

Watch the Blab live or replay below or join us on Blab to interact and ask your own questions!

#ReallySocialTip: Use Location in Social Media

Use location-capable social media profiles.

Even if you don’t plan to use a social media platform, you can still create a profile or handle on that tool—especially if you have a business location!

Customers who visit your physical location can “check-in” or “tag” your location on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare. This capability cues their friends and followers to check out your profile, and thus introduce potential new customers to your business.

Need help with how you can be tagged or “checked-into” on social media? Give us a shot.

How to Use Social Media

How to Use Blab on this week’s Laugh & Learn!

In this month’s How to Use Social Media on Blab, we’ll break down the very platform we’re using: Blab! Join live to get a seat and learn your way around the platform, how the sidebar chat works, and all the features contained within this livestreaming powerhouse.

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LinkedIn 101 Training

Learning the basics of LinkedIn are easy in Really Social 101 Training!

Really Social is proud to bring LinkedIn training to small business leaders brought together by Positively Funded, an organization serving non-profit businesses through a variety of resources.

In LinkedIn 101 Training, you’ll learn:

  • Profile Set-Up and Optimization
  • How to Publish Updates and Posts
  • How to Construct Your Online Portfolio
  • Finding New Connections for Your Network

For more information, please contact Barbara at Positively Funded.

When & Where to Use Social Media

Your live event is alive with energy: how do you translate that to your attendees and audiences through social media?

This episode of Laugh & Learn with Really Social will cover how social media can help your event shine through the noise & expose the best aspects for your audience’s benefit. Learn which social tools have the best impact, when you should use them, and where they are most effective.

Watch the Blab below or participate live during the show.

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