July 2016 | What’s Happening in Social Media? (Live Video Show)

Have you heard what’s happening in social media this month? Your updates are in this month’s episode of Laugh & Learn hosted by Really Social:




In this livestream, hear the latest about:

  • Snapchat Memories;
  • Twitter Live broadcasts;
  • New GIF size limits for Twitter;
  • Facebook Messenger encryption;
  • Facebook Live video becoming breaking news;
  • Measuring Facebook Ads through Offline Conversion API and In-Store Visit Measurement;
  • Pinterest object recognition to help shoppers find items for sale;
  • and a new private livestreaming app called Peek.

Enjoy the episode and please comment below with any questions or topic suggestions! If you need additional help with any of these topics, please connect with us about social media training.

What’s Happening in Social Media?

Learn the latest in social media in What’s Happening!

Every 2nd Tuesday at noon (MT), Really Social hosts the Laugh & Learn Livestream show focused on What’s Happening in Social Media.

As apps and tools update and alter almost daily, staying ahead of the trends is key to any marketing strategy’s success. You’ll come away from this show with a fresh understanding of what’s new and what’s changed in the social media tools we all use to engage with audiences.

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Who’s Who in Social Media? Laura Pence Atencio @socialsavvygeek

Meet Laura Pence Atencio on the next episode of Who’s Who in Social Media!

Laura is a fellow member of Colorado Women in Social Media, and Rachel is thrilled to welcome her as the next guest in the Laugh & Learn Blab Series of Really Social.

Learn about Laura as a social media business owner, Twitter influencer with over 100,000 followers, and a wife and mom living in Colorado.

Watch or replay the interview below OR click here to interact and ask questions live!

When & Where to Use Social Media Automation w/ @Social_Ben

Automation everywhere. Who wouldn’t want to put everything on autopilot and watch the engagement roll in?

Real people, that’s who.

Join me with guest Ben Martin on our Laugh & Learn Blab Series as we share the pros and pitfalls of using automation in social media. Where do you strike a good balance, or can you? How is one social media marketer able to do so much without at least a little automation?

Join the discussion live or watch below on February 16 at 3:00pm.

Who’s Who in Social Media? Melody Jones


Melody Jones @SocMedMelody

Listen to the melody of the social media orchestra as we Blab with Melody Jones!

Melody is the owner of Social Media Management Services LLC with a mission to make more time for you by managing your social media. Additionally, she is the founder of Colorado Women in Social Media, which appeared last year at a standing-room-only panel called Becoming an Influencer.

Hop on with us as we chat about Melody’s background, business savvy, and learn what makes her a “Who’s Who” in social media today.

How to Use Social Media | LinkedIn

Really Social’s Laugh & Learn Series presents

How to Use Social Media


LinkedIn has been with us for over ten years, but its myriad of features may hold mysteries for you. Sure, LinkedIn is great for networking and job hunting, but how else can you use it for thought leadership? How about sales prospecting? If you’re a recruiter, do you know how to use the advanced search function? How about premium features vs. free?

Come out of hiding and come into the light of LinkedIn in this helpful Laugh & Learn session where your questions will be answered.

When & Where to Use Social Media | Live Video

Really Social’s Laugh & Learn Series presents

When & Where to Use Social Media

with Live Video

If you track your social media engagement and performance, you realize that deciding when and where to post on social media platforms can make or break your results. With so much depending on your own custom audiences as well as the way each platform works, knowing the latest best practices for posting to social media is both elusive and important.

Join us as we discuss live video, the relatively new kid on the block which promises to be the driving force of 2016 social media marketing, and debate when and where it works best for you.

What’s Happening in Social Media | Live Video

Really Social’s Laugh & Learn Series presents

What’s Happening in Social Media

with Live Video

Everything’s changing so fast! On the second Tuesday of each month, we drill down into the latest changes and trends of social media.

In January, Live Video is the topic up for debate. With Meerkat and Periscope soon to celebrate their one-year anniversaries, Blab in an ever-altering beta mode, and Facebook Live Video rolling out to the masses this year, let’s dissect what we can expect and how we can use it all. Your questions and comments are welcome to what is sure to be a lively debate about live video!

Who’s Who in Social Media | Hollie Clere @thesocialpro

Really Social’s Laugh & Learn Series presents

Who’s Who in Social Media

Hollie Clere @thesocialpro

Kick off 2016 with us as we welcome Hollie Clere of Social Media Advisor, the #BeAwesome presence on social media for business marketing. Hollie will share about her background, what brought her into social media marketing for brands, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. You’re bound to gain some insights and get some questions answered about your social media strategy and 2016 plans!

Change Ahead: Be Really Social in 2016 [Announcement]

Are you one of those people who, like me, adores change? Welcome to the fold of fellow weirdos!

While many of you reading this might truly abhor change, I’ve always seen it as an opportunity to improve and grow forward. Now, does that mean I like it when my favorite neighborhood ice cream shop shuts down? Of course not! The change I’m talking about is more about evolution, when things or people can adapt and transform into a new entity which better fits into the world.

A change is here, folks.

Really Social for 2016

To kick off 2016 and beyond, we’ve transformed what was Rachel, Really Social into a new and (we think) more inclusive, encompassing brand which promotes our vision for every single one of you to be really social and really good at it.

Henceforth, you can find and know us as Really Social. And we hope to soon know you as Really Social, too!

Really Social provides expertise on all primary social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Blab, Blogging
Be Really Social every time and everywhere this year!

Why Really Social?

There were a few reasons for making the change from Rachel, Really Social to Really Social, and most of them focus on (you guessed it) our audiences and clients:

  1. Social media isn’t just about me. (Duh.) When I first started my online brand, I went with handles and monikers which included my first name. That’s all fine and dandy, but using the same notion for my business, while carrying my existing brand identity forward, made me the focus. That’s not how I want to roll, and not what I think this business can be limited to.
  2. There are more Really Social helpers out there. I’m very excited to continue to work with marketers focused on excellence, transparency, and accountability. Unfortunately, they probably won’t all be named Rachel! As Really Social grows and serves more and more individuals and brands, our team will grow and continue to promote the goal of being Really Social to all we touch.
  3. Social media is coming out from behind the keyboard. If you’ve got any kind of pulse on social media marketing, you’re aware of how live video is pervading marketing strategies everywhere. For those social media experts who really wanted to stay hidden behind an avatar and a keyboard, live video can be a challenge. For those, like me and Really Social, who really dig being in your face as well as in your comment box, we realize being Really Social means being, actually, social all around.