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Women of Denver brings it all together to help you achieve success! You’re invited to the Women of Denver Quarterly Networking Party Saturday, September 10, 2016 6:00-8:00pm Beacons Community Space Register Today In addition to a networking atmosphere with ambitious women in your professional circles, the event also provides an expert panel featuring: Megan McAvoy, Megan McAvoy Coaching Rachel Moore, Really Social Tracy Revell, Embodied Confidence The panelists will be asked about their areas of expertise and insights which other professional women can use… plus there will be experiential activities guided by each panelist! Register Today

Really Social is proud to bring LinkedIn training to small business leaders brought together by Positively Funded

Whether to find potential customers or to further career development, using LinkedIn’s variety of networking tools can benefit anyone who knows how to use them.

Nine out of 10 millennials I meet either aren’t on LinkedIn or aren’t on LinkedIn (they’re on but they don’t use it). Aren’t millennials all about social media? Not so much. If they are, they’re looking to be approached. Based on Social Media Week’s post on marketing to millennials, youngsters dig brands and want to see authenticity. Why not LinkedIn? For those of us who frequent LinkedIn, we can vouch for the marketing which takes place in the News Feed, Groups, Company Pages, Showcase Pages, and so on. The big miss for millennials is not realizing the networking power of LinkedIn to land their next gig. Said gig would then fund the same millennials with wages for which they could be free to succumb to marketing. And so the circle of life continues… Why Millennials Need LinkedIn Your dorm buddy can’t hire you – yet. Once you leave your campus with your […]