How to Use Your LinkedIn Profile (Video)

This video walks through a LinkedIn Profile, from top to bottom, to show you where you can make it better and how you can improve your credibility.

Click to watch and gain insights into how your profile can work harder for you. Even Rachel has to make some tweaks to her profile as you watch the video!

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To take the improvements even further, you can download a free LinkedIn worksheet which gives you guidance on how to optimize your LinkedIn presence and build your strategy.

LinkedIn 101 Training

Learning the basics of LinkedIn are easy in Really Social 101 Training!

Really Social is proud to bring LinkedIn training to small business leaders brought together by Positively Funded, an organization serving non-profit businesses through a variety of resources.

In LinkedIn 101 Training, you’ll learn:

  • Profile Set-Up and Optimization
  • How to Publish Updates and Posts
  • How to Construct Your Online Portfolio
  • Finding New Connections for Your Network

For more information, please contact Barbara at Positively Funded.

What’s Happening in Social Media?

You don’t have time to stay updated on how social media changes each day?

No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Watch the Blab live or the replay below, or—better yet—click here to join us live. We crowdsource the knowledge so everyone walks away with the latest updates, trends, and tactics.

What would you like us to cover in this episode? Comment below.

LinkedIn Training: How to Network

LinkedIn is today’s primary social media tool for creating professional connections. Whether to find potential customers or to further career development, using LinkedIn’s variety of networking tools can benefit anyone who knows how to use them.

Really Social will provide this crucial LinkedIn training to small business leaders of Colorado through the Jefferson County Business Resource Center.

This workshop will cover:

  • Getting into Groups
  • Following Companies & Potential Connections
  • Searching for Connections
  • Sharing & Publishing Posts
  • InMails (for Premium Accounts)
  • Sharing your LinkedIn Profile

JCBRC is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the small business community in Jefferson County.  Whether you are planning a start-up enterprise or you are the proprietor of an established business; JCBRC is the centralized hub for the myriad of resources available for business growth and success in Jefferson County.  

LinkedIn Profile Workshop

**Due to the Broncos Super Bowl Parade now taking place on Feb. 9, this event has been rescheduled to Tuesday, Feb. 16**

Join Social Media 101’s follow-up to our free LinkedIn 101 event with this intensive, hands-on workshop to make your LinkedIn all that it can be.

To help celebrate the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 victory, registration has been reduced to only $25 per person!

Presenters Aimee Skillin of Social Media Languages and Rachel Moore of Really Social, along with other experts in the Colorado Women of Social Media group, will guide the workshop and provide best practices and practical assistance to attendees.

Bring your laptops and your LinkedIn profile for expert guidance, focus, and consulting to bring your profile up to speed and maximum success.

How to Use Social Media | LinkedIn

Really Social’s Laugh & Learn Series presents

How to Use Social Media


LinkedIn has been with us for over ten years, but its myriad of features may hold mysteries for you. Sure, LinkedIn is great for networking and job hunting, but how else can you use it for thought leadership? How about sales prospecting? If you’re a recruiter, do you know how to use the advanced search function? How about premium features vs. free?

Come out of hiding and come into the light of LinkedIn in this helpful Laugh & Learn session where your questions will be answered.

LinkedIn 101

Free LinkedIn 101 Presentation

presented by Social Media 101,
brought to you by Colorado Women in Social Media‘s Aimee Skillin & Rachel Moore.


Haven’t taken the leap into LinkedIn? Now is your chance!

Join us for a FREE presentation of LinkedIn 101 for an overview of the basics and best practices of how to use LinkedIn for your goals. Need a new job? Looking to expand your network? How about publishing your own blogs on the top professional-use social media site?

One hour of LinkedIn 101 will give you what you need to start with success. Bring your questions and be ready to leave with the tools you need to tackle the world with a stellar LinkedIn profile.

For more information about Social Media 101, please visit our Facebook Group!

Millennials, Link with Us

Nine out of 10 millennials I meet either aren’t on LinkedIn or aren’t on LinkedIn (they’re on but they don’t use it).

Aren’t millennials all about social media?

Not so much. If they are, they’re looking to be approached. Based on Social Media Week’s post on marketing to millennials, youngsters dig brands and want to see authenticity.

Why not LinkedIn?

LinkedIn icon for Really SocialFor those of us who frequent LinkedIn, we can vouch for the marketing which takes place in the News Feed, Groups, Company Pages, Showcase Pages, and so on.

The big miss for millennials is not realizing the networking power of LinkedIn to land their next gig. Said gig would then fund the same millennials with wages for which they could be free to succumb to marketing. And so the circle of life continues…

Why Millennials Need LinkedIn

  1. Your dorm buddy can’t hire you – yet. Once you leave your campus with your shiny scroll and dented-yet-decorated graduation cap, you will hardly see your classmates because chances are you’ll all be pounding the virtual pavement to find your career. It’s unlikely that your first job out of college will depend on getting hired by a classmate, so you need to create ties with more seasoned professionals who are in hiring roles.
  2. You’re never too young to network. Graduation Day isn’t a milestone which ends one stage of your life and begins the next. From the moment you are old enough to create your first social media profile, you are a networker creating your own brand.
  3. You are the new hope. No, really, you are. Companies are waiting for you to arrive and bring fresh perspective and a new way of working. Help them find you by using the platform most recruiters are looking to for great candidates.

If you need help getting started on LinkedIn, try my simple 5-step Get Started tutorial. Ask any of my former interns how helpful it is to get some LinkedIn 101!

Engage as the Page

Time and time again I encourage social brand managers to put down the megaphone and use their brand’s page to engage – that is, to create and promote dialogue between the brand and its fans.

Thus far, Facebook and Google+ have allowed this feature. Even Pinterest joined the fray with their Pinterest for Business profiles. And now, true to their ever-progressive form, LinkedIn allows brand managers to post and engage as the Company Page. (Cue the heavenly choir and soft ethereal light from above… even though this feature is slowly being rolled out.)


Social media has gotten so much more brand-friendly over the past few years, and we digital marketers rejoice at each new embracing of the trend. In a realm where marketing job titles now sport terms like “community” and “relationship,” does it not make perfect sense to provide for companies to get as touchy-feely as any individual’s profile? Billboards are great for getting a message across, but they don’t do squat to generate a conversation.

If your brand hasn’t engaged as a page yet, there’s no time like the present to get started. Put down the megaphone, pick up some authentic tone and let the good times roll.
photo credit: mikeyp2000 via photopin cc