August 2016 | Who’s Who in Social Media with Carlos Gil

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Who’s Who in Social Media

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Carlos Gil

Carlos is the Global Head of Social Media for BMC Software, a Snapchat Strategist, and was recently the keynote speaker at Social Media Day Denver 2016 in San Diego.

But there’s far more to Carlos and what brought him to who he is and what he does today. When you watch this interview, you’ll learn about the obstacles he overcame, the experiences he uses to help businesses succeed in their missions, and the choices he made to lead him to today and his life of zero regrets.

Enjoy this month’s video interview, and don’t forget to connect with Carlos on social media!

Who’s Who in Social Media? Laura Pence Atencio @socialsavvygeek

Meet Laura Pence Atencio on the next episode of Who’s Who in Social Media!

Laura is a fellow member of Colorado Women in Social Media, and Rachel is thrilled to welcome her as the next guest in the Laugh & Learn Blab Series of Really Social.

Learn about Laura as a social media business owner, Twitter influencer with over 100,000 followers, and a wife and mom living in Colorado.

Watch or replay the interview below OR click here to interact and ask questions live!

Who’s Who? Valerie Morris of Tintero Creative

March kept us on our toes as we welcomed, and then re-welcomed, Valerie Morris as our Who’s Who in Social Media guest! As the founder of Tintero Creative and a founding member of Colorado Women in Social Media, Valerie provides us with more than just her own background; any business owner or innovator will benefit from her words of wisdom.

Click below to watch our interview with Valerie, or scroll down a bit for a few takeaways.


RM (Rachel Moore): Tell us briefly about yourself!

VM (Valerie Morris): “Sure! I started Tintero Creative a few years back, and I live and breathe content marketing all day long… I am all about helping brands build their influence online. A huge piece of that is social media—that’s probably the biggest chunk of what we do—and it also involves blogging, written content, graphical content, infographics, logos.

RM: You are the founder of Tintero Creative. What fostered that idea?

VM:  “The word ‘tintero’ is Italian for ink well. That’s where the feather pen of my logo comes from. It kind of goes along with the concept of telling your story, but I’m also a very kinesthetic learner. There’s something about having a tactile nature of writing with a pen that I kind of like.

I love learning; I loved school. When I got out of school, I started my career in architecture… and I was bored stiff… I was seriously thinking, ‘Is this all there is?’

We ended up moving to Nashville, and I got a job at an ad agency. I started that job and realized I loved it. I got a taste for what could be done with social media, and what could be done with marketing.”

RM: Do you find that you still have to educate clients and others about how social media supports SEO?

VM: “Yeah. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad advice out there about SEO, and a lot of people who have been burned by different programs. You can come in and suggest something, and some people— based on past experiences—aren’t going to invest money in things you know are going to be helpful. If you’re in favor of investing in SEO for the growth of your business, but you don’t have enough funds for it, Payday Loan Helpers are always open for your financial needs. All you have to do is to repay on time to have a clean record. There’s a huge piece of education there. Sometimes you just need to let it go. I think the digital community is starting to become more well-rounded.”

RM: What are your thoughts on hosting your online properties solely on social media rather than a website?

VM: “I think you should have your own website! You own your website. You have control there. It’s your domain; your place!

At any moment, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Pinterest could up and decide, ‘We’re going to shut down.’ All this time and effort you spent building this platform… they own it all. I think having your own website is key.”

RM: If a movie were being made about your life, who should play you, and why?

VM: (after Googling for the name) “Emily Blunt! I really like her. I’m kind of an introvert, and I feel like she’s not necessarily super flashy, but she definitely has some sass and attitude when she needs to. So I feel like that’s kind of who I am.”

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Who’s Who in Social Media? Valerie Morris, that’s who!


Valerie Morris @TinteroCreative

Tap into the creativity of digital marketing as we blab with Valerie Morris!

Valerie is the founder of Tintero Creative, a full-service digital marketing firm based in Colorado.  From social media and post graphics to digital marketing and SEO, Valerie guides Tintero Creative and their clients to success through the ever-changing landscape of digital communications.

Get the scoop on what inspires Valerie’s creative drive, and learn what makes her a “Who’s Who” in social media today. Watch live below or click here to join us on Blab.

Who’s Who in Social Media? Melody Jones


Melody Jones @SocMedMelody

Listen to the melody of the social media orchestra as we Blab with Melody Jones!

Melody is the owner of Social Media Management Services LLC with a mission to make more time for you by managing your social media. Additionally, she is the founder of Colorado Women in Social Media, which appeared last year at a standing-room-only panel called Becoming an Influencer.

Hop on with us as we chat about Melody’s background, business savvy, and learn what makes her a “Who’s Who” in social media today.

Who’s Who? Hollie Clere, that’s who!

You need to meet the Who’s Who in social media in 2016, and we kicked things 2016 off with a great interview on Blab with Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor.

Here’s a snapshot of our interview with Hollie about her work in and passion for social media.

RM (Rachel Moore): Who are you, Hollie?

HC (Hollie Clere): “Well, that is a loaded question! When I meet people, I usually tell them that I am a storyteller in social media. I help businesses stand out from their competition by using stories online… I focus specifically on social media. We build, we brand, we bio.”

RM: What makes you different? There’s only one you, Hollie!

HC: “I like to tell people that our entire foundation and principle is based off of ownership, accountability, and education. You cannot own your marketing unless you understand how it works.”

RM: Do you have any idols or mentors who have inspired you?

HC: “Honestly, there are a couple. I really adore Lori Ruff; she is a LinkedIn diva and she has a giant heart. I think if I can make an impact in someone’s day like she’s done in mine… that’s big for me. Kind of like Mother Teresa, I can give back and have an honest heart. I love people that impact others and serve in the trenches.”

And a question from a Blab viewer… if you ran for President of the United States, what changes would you make to improve business opportunities?

HC: “Being that I’m a small business owner, I would encourage and reward the small business owner for creating ideas and job opportunities…” and her platform? “Good Times french fries and wild sauce!”

Watch the full interview in the Blab replay below, and tune in each week to our Laugh & Learn Blab series for the latest in social media.

Really Social: Unboxed Business

Join Rachel Moore, Owner & Chief Social Officer of Really Social, as she gets “unboxed” by Valerie Morris of Tintero Creative in their 2016 Unboxed Business series!

With so many leaders building new business and services throughout society, we can all miss what got each of us to that point of entrepreneurship and breaking through the limitations we each battle. In the Unboxed Business series, Tintero Creative will open the box of Really Social and Rachel Moore to get the whole story!

Watch live on Wednesday, January 20 at 1pm MST – or replay it here.