Stories Hopscotch


So many Stories, yet only so many hours in the day.

At least, that’s how we see it. Business leaders who don’t specialize in social media marketing simply don’t have the time to create content for all of the major Stories apps: Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram.

So… let’s do a fun experiment!

Since Really Social specializes in learning how social media apps work so we can train you in the latest features and capabilities for your business, we want to stay in current practice in the Stories apps without also allowing our schedule to be usurped by posting to four different apps each day.

We give you Stories Hopscotch!

Starting in July 2017, Rachel Moore (CEO of Really Social) will cycle through each of the four major Stories apps one week at a time. During each week, she’ll post Stories to only one of the apps, then she’ll swap to the next app for the following week, and so on.

Why don’t you just post to one single app?

Well, we could do that. But then we’d grow ignorant of how the other competing apps are developing features. We’d much rather know more than less about which apps are at your disposal for creating content for your audiences.

Why don’t you just post the same content across all four apps?

Because we don’t hate ourselves. Plus, that’s not best practice when it comes to sharing content on unique platforms, each with their own unique audiences.

OK… so where will you be and when?

Glad you asked! Here’s the schedule for where to watch Rachel’s Stories for the foreseeable future. Each new week kicks off on Monday:

Week of Monday, 7/10/17: Snapchat

Week of Monday, 7/17/17: Facebook

Week of Monday, 7/24/17: Instagram

Week of Monday, 7/31/17: Messenger

Week of Monday, 8/7/17: Snapchat

Week of Monday, 8/14/17: Facebook

Week of Monday, 8/21/17: Instagram

Week of Monday, 8/28/17: Messenger

Week of Monday, 9/4/17: Snapchat

Week of Monday, 9/11/17: Facebook

Week of Monday, 9/18/17: Instagram

Week of Monday, 9/25/17: Messenger

(You get the idea.)

Got an opinion?

Of course you do! Share it with us in Stories! This could be a really dumb idea, or a really genius idea. Either way, it’s really social, so…

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