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Join the fun, the wit, the latest social updates on Social Glue! Hosted by Rachel Moore, Social Glue brings you weekly social news, a social pro shout-out, answers an audience question about social, and features a social haiku submitted by the audience! (Yep, it’s going to be quirky AND useful!)

Watch on LinkedIn or YouTube every Wednesday at 2pm ET or rewatch to catch the fun and the information. Even better, be part of the show and a chance to win prizes and discounts from Restream.io!

Get a Social Glue Shout-Out

Part of the mission of Social Glue is to showcase social media pros across the globe. If you’re up to your elbows in social media work – preparing posts, designing visuals, engaging with communities, planning paid ads – please allow us to share your savvy with everyone!

Also, keep an eye out at the end of the form to opt-in to be a guest on the live broadcast! You and Rachel can share the screen, answer an audience question, and banter back and forth for fun.

Submit a Question for Social Glue

Got a question about social media? We’ll select an audience query to read and answer on each week’s show. Great for budding social media pros or really anyone who needs to keep learning about how to do social well.

Write a Social Glue Haiku

OK, this is where things get wacky: we LOVE haikus. They’re easy to write, they fit in a tweet, and they still qualify as poetry.

Send us your own original haiku about social media, and we’ll select one per week to read on the show… AND one winning haiku writer per month will receive a prize from Social Glue!

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