In my monthly Blab video session focused on What’s Happening in Social Media, we naturally circled around to the topic of Snapchat.

MANY thoughts percolate about this platform and its benefits, drawbacks, and the essential fad behind it. Yet one question arose which I am determined to answer for you today:

Can I repurpose Snapchats for marketing?

Yes. Yes, you can.

Snapchat screenshot: download/save your Snap once it's captured. (#ReallySocialTip)
In addition to geofilters, you can also download/save your Snap right after you capture it.


There are at least two ways to save your Snaps (that’s what you call each snippet you create for your Snapchat Story) to reuse elsewhere:

Save Your Snaps Individually

Once you’ve captured a Snap, the next screen shows you the result (which might be your still image or a really annoying loop of the video you just snapped). Along the bottom, you’ll find a download symbol which, once clicked, will save your image or video to your phone.

Save Your Entire Snapchat Story

Let’s say you’ve snapped off several incredible videos and images to tell your daily Snapchat story. You can download the entire thing!

  1. Hop into your Snapchat app.

    Save/download your entire Snapchat story with one click. (#ReallySocialTip)
    You can download/save your entire 24-hour Snapchat Story in one click.
  2. Click the purple + in the bottom right corner to get to your Stories screen.
  3. Along the top, you’ll see a pie-chart image of your Snaps and “My Story.” Click on the triple-dot column on the far right.
  4. Now you’ll see a download symbol. Click and save your Story. Done!

Please note that, because Snaps last for 24 hours before vanishing, you’ll need to download your Snaps before the clock strikes the same time on the next day. However, that’s better than losing them instantly into the vortex of Snapchat history!

What’s the point?

You wanted to repurpose your Snaps, right? Imagine the applications. If you’ve taken the time and care to snap off some great moments which don’t need editing, now you’ve got a ready-made video which can be shared on your website, blog, and social profiles.

As for how I repurpose my Snaps, creating a quick & authentic video for my weekly Really Social Today newsletter has become, well, a Snap! I create a quick outline of the Snaps (scenes), record them (including retakes), and once I’m done I can download my Snapchat story and upload it right into my YouTube channel.

Your Turn

Now that you know for sure you can repurpose your Snaps, list off your ideas for how they can make your content marketing a Snap! (OK, that pretty much meets my cheese quota for the day, but you get the idea.) Share below!


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