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A job well done often boils down to the right tool. If you’d like to try the tools Rachel uses for Really Social, check out the options below:

Arkon Mounts logo

Rachel uses Arkon Mounts a TON. From her smartphone (the Galaxy S8) to her webcam (the Logitech 920), she needs the flexibility and stability of making sure her device is right where it should be.

To get 20% off your next mount, use the code REALLYSOCIAL in your cart at logo

Rachel uses to automatically upload her podcast and livestream show to the Really Social YouTube channel. Considering the time already spent in preparing and recording the shows, removing the added steps of adapting and uploading the media content to YouTube is a lifesaver.

Click here for Rachel’s referral link to try for your media workflows.

Web Hosting

Rachel uses SiteGround to host and manage her websites ( and Their customer service is instant (mere minute via online chat or their helpful ticket system), customizing emails for domains is a snap, and SiteGround automatically updates CMS like WordPress for you!

Click here for Rachel’s referral link to try SiteGround for your next website.

SMOVE logo

Take video like a pro with the SMOVE smartphone stabilizer! I got mine to use for covering conferences, and now I don’t leave home without it when I know I need to capture epic video. Plus the SMOVE app lets you do a Facebook Live in landscape mode!

Click here for Rachel’s referral link to get your own SMOVE stabilizer!


Livestreaming is all the rage, right? And while you can just go live right from Facebook or Twitter, sometimes your shows need just a bit more in the way of production value.

And how about engagement? When you can bring your viewers’ comments and questions right into the show, that’s money! It’s also why Rachel chooses and uses Streamyard as her livestream encoder tool of choice.

Click here for Rachel’s referral link to try Streamyard for your livestreaming production and reach.

Got a tool you’d like Rachel to try, test, and share if it passes muster? Email her today!

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