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Really Social offers competitive pricing for our social media services. Take a look at our Profile Marketing, Training, Consulting, Speaking and Live pricing.

Your customers value what you provide through your business. They’ll also value your efforts to reach them through social media. Click on each service below to learn more about our pricing.


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Social Media Profile Marketing

Your social media posts need to get done. Really Social will help you be really social while you focus on your business.

Monthly Cost Per Profile (USD)$300
per profile
per profile
per profile
per profile
Post Frequency Per Profile
(Per Week)
(every day)
Custom Frequency for Each Selected Platform*Custom Frequency for Each Selected Platform*Custom Frequency for Each Selected Platform*
Weekly Email
(touch base with client)
Monthly Report
(data from profile insights and website tracking for social referral traffic)
Profile Maintenance
(routine refreshing of branded images and cover photos; updating of "About" and "Bio" sections; management of tabs and lists)
Community Management
(triage and response to comments, questions, and reviews; like and follow other accounts; overall profile monitoring)
Hashtag Management
(creation and implementation of brand and campaign hashtags in social posts)
Monthly Cost Per Profile (USD)$300
per profile
per profile
per profile
per profile

*Custom quantity of posts for each of your platforms will be optimized for that platform’s reach and audience. The quantity of posts per profile increases with each package and price.

 Social Media Training

You’re into DIY social media marketing, but why struggle through all of the how-to? Really Social knows each platform inside and out, and we’ll train you in the ways of using your social media profiles effectively.

Social Media Consulting

Need a bigger picture for your social media strategy? Really Social looks at all of your business goals, resources, audiences, and campaigns to help build you a road map forward to accomplish your goals.

Social Media Speaking

Your event can grasp the energy of social media, but only with a dynamic speaker. Abandon the snooze-fest presentations and bring expertise to your audience that they’ll remember.

Social Media Livestreaming & Live Services

Live video is the latest and most effective tool in your content marketing toolbox. Really Social can help you go live with training, hosting, technical support, and production resources.

We can also provide social media support and management for your live events. If you’re conference-bound or exhibiting your business at a traffic-heavy event, we’ll make you look lively on social while you’re up to your arms in leads.

Bundle It!

Need a combination of services? We can do that!

Often our clients discover, through the use of one set of Really Social services, they can benefit from supporting services. For instance, once we’ve built your social media strategy through a consultation session, you may feel your staff could benefit from training in a specific platform.

Or perhaps you decide to get trained in using Snapchat, but once we’ve gone through the how-to, you’re asking yourself, “how possibly can I do this?” Offloading your social media approach might be your best bet, though training now puts you in a position of knowledge and control you didn’t have before.

We can often offer bundled services at a discount from their stand-alone full price. Click below to set up a time to discuss your options!

Let’s Build a Bundle

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