A fun yet frank look at all the carnage left in the wake of bad people managers

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Here’s the deal: I was a direct report (not a people manager, but rather a person who was managed) for 25 years, and then I finally won the honor and highest calling of being a people manager (since 2018).

People managing is not easy.

Tom Hanks knew.

And far too many people are tasked with managing fellow human beings when they should not be. But also consider that even those who are anywhere from supremely great to just passable people managers can leave carnage in their wake: messes that the next manager(s) have to learn and try to clean up.

That’s why we’re here: Other Managers’ Messes is the vent session and advice column for how today’s people managers can solve and survive the messes left by those who have gone before them.

Pretty simple, really.

We’re on TikTok.

We’re here on this webpage. Well, more to the point, you’re here on this webpage because we have this form, you see. ????????

We know you have your own stories and experiences of how a prior manager of a certain person or team really mucked things up. It irks you; it wastes your time; it hampers productivity; it costs actual money; it keeps happening.

Help us help stop it from happening by sharing your story in our form. We’ll dramatize it on our TikTok. We’ll also build some helpful content that keeps people managers from being featured in these stories because they don’t make a mess of things.

With that, we give you the form. Be accurate, be descriptive, and be mindful that we’ll change the names of the guilty and innocent. The point is to show inquiring minds what not to do so the workplace – wherever or whatever it might be – can be better.

Tell us all about it.

Once you’ve submitted your messy story in the form. head on over to TikTok to take a look at the latest Other Managers’ Messes dramatization. Comment. Repost. Show to your leadership (you never know what might sway the minds of the powerful).

Or just sit back with your favorite bevvie and enjoy relating to the common challenges of people managers or team members just like you. And, if you’re inclined, drop a comment below. We’ll see it.

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