The next school year is coming. and we’ve seen a question on repeat from educators and parents alike: can classes be livestreamed?

The short and happily safe answer is YES, THEY SO CAN. (Hey, I’m not a grammar educator, but seriously it’s completely possible.)

This video was created to help you with the basics of setting up your class to livestream: how to set up your audio, video, lighting, and internet (all with a minimum of technical knowhow); how to maintain your teaching style while streaming the class; how you can use simple hacks to get this done easily.

If you need additional help, just reach out to Rachel via email:

Teachers, you are our heroes. I hope this helps you, even if you don’t livestream, but maybe you’ll find it useful and it can save you just a bit of time and stress.

Parents, hang in there. We’ll figure this stuff out together.

Kids, we know you all want to get back to your friends and some kind of normal. We’re trying to help that happen.

Everyone, wear a mask. Thanks.

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