Iron Man (2008)

UnpauseIt launches its review series of the Avengers films, brought to us by Marvel Studios, with a look back at Iron Man (released in 2008). Robert Downey Jr. led off what would become one of the largest franchise projects in the history of cinema, and he fully channeled the character of Tony Stark as Iron Man.

Published by Rachel

In the words spoken by Samuel Jackson in Ironman 2, “I’m the most real person you’ll ever know.” Although I have a flair for the dramatic, I’ve never been one to live behind a facade. From the moment you meet me, I can promise you an experience grounded in transparency and lively with humor. My 40+ years of life have taught me the ability to laugh and to help others enjoy the moment with me. I use my eye for detail and focus on the big picture to bring success to anything I try, and that includes the work I do for my clients.

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