You need to meet the Who’s Who in social media in 2016, and we kicked things 2016 off with a great interview on Blab with Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor.

Here’s a snapshot of our interview with Hollie about her work in and passion for social media.

RM (Rachel Moore): Who are you, Hollie?

HC (Hollie Clere): “Well, that is a loaded question! When I meet people, I usually tell them that I am a storyteller in social media. I help businesses stand out from their competition by using stories online… I focus specifically on social media. We build, we brand, we bio.”

RM: What makes you different? There’s only one you, Hollie!

HC: “I like to tell people that our entire foundation and principle is based off of ownership, accountability, and education. You cannot own your marketing unless you understand how it works.”

RM: Do you have any idols or mentors who have inspired you?

HC: “Honestly, there are a couple. I really adore Lori Ruff; she is a LinkedIn diva and she has a giant heart. I think if I can make an impact in someone’s day like she’s done in mine… that’s big for me. Kind of like Mother Teresa, I can give back and have an honest heart. I love people that impact others and serve in the trenches.”

And a question from a Blab viewer… if you ran for President of the United States, what changes would you make to improve business opportunities?

HC: “Being that I’m a small business owner, I would encourage and reward the small business owner for creating ideas and job opportunities…” and her platform? “Good Times french fries and wild sauce!”

Watch the full interview in the Blab replay below, and tune in each week to our Laugh & Learn Blab series for the latest in social media.

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