Join Rachel Moore and Ross Brand for their weekly branded livestream show, Best of! Streaming from the BeLive Facebook Page, each week features two new BeLive livestreamers and how their shows set the standard for great Facebook Live content.

Each week the Moore family watches a new nerdy entertainment project to record a podcast review for UnpauseIt! Join Rachel Moore and her zany family as they dive into everything that is gloriously geeky.

The time for you to decide how you’ll navigate the social-political waters out there is now, if not already long past.

Rachel Moore teaches a workshop on behalf of Strategic Adventures to conference attendees who realize the benefit of livestreaming for their marketing and content efforts. Participants will complete the workshop knowing how to go live using Facebook and the how the primary livestreaming social apps – Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, and Twitter – offer unique reach for their businesses. Learn more about ACCT at

If you’ve checked your Facebook feed, or really any news related to business, economy, or marketing, there’s a massive buzz around the recent announcement by Mark Zuckerberg that the Facebook algorithm is changing. Nothing new, right?

Wrong. This change falls into the “once more with feeling” genre. Emphasis on the feeling.

Change. I’ve always thrived on how things change. As a child, I became used to our frequent moves from state to state (a natural consequence of having a father who worked for the federal government). As an adult, I rarely leased an apartment for longer than two years. My hair is always changing colors. Change is something I’m used to, so it doesn’t necessarily freak me out to the same degree as it does for others. Family. Ah, this is something I’ve been schooled on throughout my life, even when I didn’t realize it. As a child, I took for granted the constancy of my family. When my parents divorced during my teen years, the upheaval probably wreaked more havoc than I would acknowledge. As a young adult, I spent many years putting my family on the backburner while mistakenly prioritizing friends and even acquaintances over them. As an adult, […]

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My son “TheSauce” and my dad practicing out front.