Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel

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Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel broadcasts each Tuesday at 8pm ET from the BeLive Facebook Page

Who’s the best? YOU are!

Two livestream powerhouses team up each week to feature the very best BeLive broadcasters in one of BeLive’s featured weekly shows,

Best of BeLive with Ross & Rachel

Every Tuesday at 8pm ET, Ross and Rachel each bring their own selection or “pick” to showcase during the broadcast. After they’ve made the case for why their choice should be the “Best of BeLive” for the week, the host(s) of their picks often join the broadcast to share about their show. When they bring along their fans and friends, things start to explode (in a good way)!

Throughout the show, live viewers are encouraged to vote for their favorite pick out of the two featured shows for the week, and one broadcast will be named the Best of BeLive.

Nominate Your BeLive Show

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