Be a Social Force at Conferences This Year

Let us handle your handles. You do what you do best.

From the moment you land at the airport, you’re in high gear to get your booth set up at the event venue. That’s why you wore your sneakers on the plane, isn’t it?

Between setting up visuals, prepping swag, troubleshooting technical issues, guiding your team, and finding time to down a protein bar, you’ve got a whole landscape which needs your attention: your social media profiles.

Conferences are all about social interaction.

(image) mobile connectivity | Really Social - Conferences
Liking, following, and engaging before they even meet.

As the event buzz builds and attendees start piling up at registration tables, they’re glued to mobile devices to figure out where to be and how to spend their limited time. Sure, they can use the expo guidebook, but that’s hardly the only place they’re looking for you. Your social media profiles are key to providing regular reminders about where you’re located, what you offer passersby, and why your booth is the destination of choice.

Let’s get real, though: it’s all hands on deck and not one of your team would choose a quick Instagram post over greeting a hot prospect. And you wouldn’t want them to!

Yet there’s no reason why you can’t do both, and that’s where Really Social comes to your rescue.

We handle your social handles; you handle the leads.

From Twitter and Instagram to Facebook and YouTube, we’ll be the social force engaging with the conference crowds for you.

  • We’ll respond to questions and comments coming in over social;
  • we’ll capture and share key photo and video opps happening in your booth;
  • we’ll optimize your social profiles to have the most important info front and center for new visitors; and
  • we’ll integrate with your team seamlessly so booth visitors get a sense of team and community.

Throughout the entire event, we’ll bring energy, teamwork, and a can-do attitude to each task. We’re there to help you be the best exhibitor in the place; that means fast feet, faster fingers, and a genuine smile at all times. You’ll pretty much want to take us back to work with you.

Sounds good. How do we do this?

It all starts with discovery.

Let’s learn about your event.

Let’s spend a little time learning about your needs, your mission, and how your social profiles can be used for the biggest impact at your 2017 events.

Until then, we’ve got our running shoes ready.

(image) track shoes | Really Social - Conferences March 2017
We’re ready to roll.
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