This is the part where we show off.

Take a look at samples of work performed by Rachel Moore for brands which exhibit content creation, social media publishing, paid social advertising, graphic design, copywriting, custom posts for platforms, and engagement success.

For Hubilo’s announcement of Series B funding, Rachel partnered with our PR agency to get the video captured of the company’s branded video announcement on the Nasdaq display in Times Square. (The screenshot even shows Rachel – the tiny person dressed in black and white – on the laptop display in the visual.)

Hubilo’s Instagram account is crucial, even for a B2B SaaS product, as it is used to highlight and draw attention to physical events and our #eventprofs influencers/community. We use Highlight Stories on our profile page to save and showcase our presence at physical events and other compelling content.

Rachel’s direct report, Hubilo’s social media manager Amanda H., uses all features available in the LinkedIn app to post engaging content like polls. Emojis, hashtags, and copy that reflects the way people really talk are all key to our best posts.

When Hubilo’s teams are physically at an event, we send a social activation person to capture and publish the most important moments and booth activities in an effort to draw in-person crowds and digital eyeballs. Vertical video is a must as it can be shared in the popular Reels/Stories apps like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

screenshot of a YouTube playlist: featuring large viewer with still image of Hubilo Studio Chats, IMEX Frankfurt, with vertical list of other videos available along the right side
Hubilo Studio Chats is a YouTube Playlist of video interviews conducted by Rachel at in-person events featuring events industry leaders. For each interview, Rachel brought a mobile studio kit (all fitted nicely into a carry-on) and set up the interview space with audio-visual tech to record high-end sessions for publication and repurposing throughout Hubilo’s marketing channels. The studio also created quite a draw for the booth!

stacked boxes showing YouTube channel metrics: views and subscribers

Hubilo’s YouTube Channel growth from January 1 to July 1, 2022 fostered by a regular cadence of videos published, a small boosting budget, and fandom by our influencers and employees to grow the channel.

screenshot of dashboard in Adobe Express showing design projects for promotional social media posts
For Hubilo’s flagship event of 2021 Events Reimagined (prior to the hiring of a dedicated social media manager at Hubilo), Rachel created social-ready graphics promoting Gary Vaynerchuk using Adobe Express for feed posts and stories.

Growth stats across Hubilo’s social media channels from January to July 2022 under Rachel’s supervision of the social media team.

Screenshots of LinkedIn posts by Rachel and her Community Manager, Sneha Garg, celebrating a successful hackathon event held for Hubilo influencers in the event platform (incorporating Miro into the mix).

Screenshots of tweets by influencers celebrating a successful event.

Tying content into timely situations or discussions can be the magic sauce to increasing engagement. In this post for MHC Software on LinkedIn, Rachel shared a supply chain-related piece of content while referencing the infamous Suez Canal blocking by the ship Ever Given.

Compelling copy in a social post can be one of the things that causes a pause in your audience’s scrolling. This post for MHC Software, a B2B SaaS company, gave a bit of visualization to a pain point felt by their target audiences.

Social activation at Colorado HealthOP’s tent+table at the 9News Health Fair’s Yoga Open. When showcasing a company’s presence at a live event, it’s important to capture welcoming faces, ample activity, and highlight where people in attendance can find your location. Tagging and hashtags are also important to gain RTs and impressions.

Colorado HealthOP was a B2C health insurance cooperative new to the state’s healthcare scene as a startup, so social media messaging was often focused on informative peppered with timely messages in our feed.

Rachel has written multiple articles for Social Media Examiner, a trusted resource for businesses and social media pros across the industry.

Rachel rebooted Hubilo’s podcast, relaunching it in 2022 as EventProfsCast. She writes the intro, outro, and ad break copy; records custom inserts; interviews guests to provide the original audio content.

Rachel now oversees the content writers for Hubilo, coaching them to effective and compelling writing using SEO research for SERP optimization, readable and inclusive language, and accurate use of punctuation and writing (for a globally-resourced non-English-first language).

Rachel Moore implemented a schedule of Facebook posts which increased the Page likes for Training Wheels.
Facebook Insights shows increase in Page Likes for Training Wheels, a former client of Really Social Inc., over a single month.

Rachel Moore earns over 100k Twitter impressions in a paid Tweet campaign for Colorado HealthOP
Over 100,000 impressions earned in a 20-day period for a Twitter Paid Post Campaign.

Rachel Moore recorded, captured, and posted images of John Daley, Colorado Public Radio, interviewing Julia Hutchins, CEO of Colorado HealthOP.
During Rachel’s role as Social Media and Digital Strategist for Colorado HealthOP, she promoted an interview between John Daley of Colorado Public Radio and Julia Hutchins, CEO of Colorado HealthOP.

Rachel Moore used Instagram to promote follower growth for Colorado HealthOP
During Rachel’s tenure at Colorado HealthOP – the non-profit health insurance cooperative for the state of Colorado through the Affordable Care Act – Instagram growth in posts from account creation to last touch.

Rachel Moore created a Promoted Pinterest campaign to bump website traffic for Training Wheels.
A paid Pinterest website campaign garners over 65,000 website impressions for Training Wheels. Two years later, Pinterest organic growth was responsible for 50% of the website traffic for this client.
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