It all began as it began for all,

Online I went to build myself a place.

From text and pics, my feats were all but small,

But code helped me create my first MySpace.

It wasn’t long before a new tool came,

To woo me from the Comic-Sans type look.

In no time came a new dot-com to fame.

As I and millions flocked to try Facebook.

The game was on, as more ways to connect

Poured forth onto the web for all to greet.

Masses flocked to the tools to post unchecked,

To Vine, Snap, Pin, Meerkat, YouTube, and Tweet.

Walls fall as people reach out to engage;

Let’s change our world, now that we have a stage.

Published by Rachel

In the words spoken by Samuel Jackson in Ironman 2, “I’m the most real person you’ll ever know.” Although I have a flair for the dramatic, I’ve never been one to live behind a facade. From the moment you meet me, I can promise you an experience grounded in transparency and lively with humor. My 40+ years of life have taught me the ability to laugh and to help others enjoy the moment with me. I use my eye for detail and focus on the big picture to bring success to anything I try, and that includes the work I do for my clients.

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