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#LetsLivestream is the only weekly discussion, hosted via Twitter chat AND livestream video on Periscope and Facebook, which dives into the world of livestreaming. Provided by Really Social. Hosted by Rachel Moore. Moderated and Produced by Jenn Nelson.

Many hands make lighter work and longer reach! Be a Guest Moderator for #LetsLivestream!

Be a Guest Mod on #LetsLivestream

You can imagine that conducting a discussion on Twitter and Periscope is a weekly challenge—even when you aren’t hosting a live video!

#LetsLivestream is successful each week only because of the community and its participants. While the event is hosted by Rachel Moore and produced by Jenn Nelson, that’s only one portion of the action. Engaging with their comments, opinions, and questions is crucial to fulfill the mission of #LetsLivestream: to create a space where people can learn about livestreaming and grow in their craft. That’s where our Guest Moderators come into play!

What does a #LetsLivestream Guest Moderator do?

#LetsLivestream takes place on two platforms—Twitter and Periscope—and each one needs a dedicated moderator. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Share with your own followers the future guest/topic for which you’re moderating in #LetsLivestream.
  • Post comments and responses to the chat questions during the event.
  • Interact with other participants by engaging with them in the comments.
  • Keep an eye out for trolls or abusive participants.
  • Tag/mention participants or even external users to draw more eyeballs to the comments and discussion.

How does being a #LetsLivestream Guest Moderator benefit you?

Let us count the ways!

  • Get promoted with your assigned #LetsLivestream guest/topic as the guest Moderator for your designated platform.
  • Gain followers through your activity in the discussion through comments, responses, and engaging with participants.
  • Offer your own insights by posting into the discussion from your own handle/profile.
  • Meet new people through your interactions and excellent moderating skills!

So… what are we waiting for? Let’s get you started!

Be a Guest Mod on #LetsLivestream

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