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Life feels like tectonic plates at times; things shift ever so slowly, and then all at once there is huge upheaval bringing a myriad of changes.

You don’t have to be in the marketing industry to be your household’s public relations.

Welcome to the 21st century, when welcoming a guest into your home should consist of indicating if they can keep their shoes on or not, taking their coat, showing them where the bathroom is… and providing them with your wifi password. Earlier this week I visited my parents’ home with the intent to crash overnight before taking my son snowboarding. I had my laptop in tow, fully intending to crank it up and knock out some work during the evening. Except I couldn’t. When asked, my parents weren’t immediately sure of the name of their wifi network. That was quickly determined, but then the matter of the password caused a bit more delay. As someone who works almost exclusively over an internet connection via smartphone, tablet, and laptop, I had to take a moment to collect myself and recall that not everyone lives and dies by wifi. And that’s perfectly […]

Dammit, I’m going to get this done. Would I rather not? You bet. Will I fail again? Duh. Am I going to keep at it? (sigh) Yes.

I’m really looking forward to 2015, though I have to admit I’m not sure if and how it can surpass this last year.

Yippee-kye-yay, because love actually is all around.

This last week the NFL “endured” (go ahead and take a moment to fume over that word choice) one of the worst weeks in its history with report after report of yet another player charged with violence.

Relax. I know hardly anything about nutrition except “too many carbs bad, organic good,” so that’s not where we’re going today. I’d rather talk about human nature once again and how two words which are negatives in the dietary realm can be desirable traits in the mortal coils we all occupy. Summer tends to be a season overwhelmed by activity. You should see my Google calendars (all five of them), overlaying each other with color-coding and alerts so I can try to keep everything straight. There’s rarely a day now where something extra isn’t going on, or when I’m not feeling a bit stressed or spread a bit thin. That said, I just had a solid week. Each day consisted of interactions with people who I feel very fortunate to have in my circles. Coworkers were dedicated, fun, and made the hours go by faster. Family members were supportive, fun, […]

As each day dawns anew, I gain a refreshed perspective on what lies ahead.

A lot can happen in two years. I’ll just confess right now I was not even remotely thinking of blogging about any of it. Sanity seemed a bit more precious. So let’s pretend this is a very quick catch-up to bring us ’round to the present, mmm-kay? Since my last blog post exactly two years ago, we lived with my mother-in-law. We got a cat and named him Scooter Bill (brainchild by me and my son). My husband stopped doing his side mechanic business to get more hours at the bicycle shop. I became disillusioned with my office administration job because the promise of future marketing duties vanished like a puff of smoke, right before the boss who had assured me of their possibilities vanished to her new job. My son took jiu jitsu at a place populated by bitchy moms. My daughter took dance classes and had a recital. […]

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