Rachel Moore (CEO of Really Social) will cycle through each of the four major Stories apps one week at a time. During each week, she’ll post Stories to only one of the apps, then she’ll swap to the next app for the following week, and so on. Learn more at http://www.really.social/stories-hopscotch.

Join Rache and your social media tribe in Denver for a day of fun, sharing, learning, and hashtags! Social Media Day Denver: Mile High Influence is bringing a slew of your favorite must-follow influencers for you to meet, greet, and learn from while you enjoy a fantastically social day. Get free headshots, battle for selfie sticks, check out the Denver skyline while you learn the newest trends from Kim Garst, Chocolate Johnny, Bryan Kramer, Anthony Prichard, Vicki Hainault Fitch, Andrea Sodergren Vahl, Mia Voss, Joel Comm, and the hostess with the mostest, Erin Cell! Rachel will be the roving reporter, livestreaming snippets with the speakers and sharing the fun if you’re watching from afar… but you should be there! Get $10 off your ticket today using “Rachel” at checkout. Join us on June 30!

The thing is, it’s not hard to be good. All it really requires is taking that moment to feel beyond your own selfish drive and acknowledge that you share this planet with other beings.

Each Tuesday, join livestream host Rachel Moore as she welcomes innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders into a fun discovery time describing their idea and how they got it to market. You’ll learn from their successes, missteps, and be inspired to act on your own idea!

Every.single.platform. That’s where women get exposed (quite literally, quite often) to sexual harassment from others. Twelve minutes ago, I hopped onto Periscope to “share” a beer with my viewers and chat about going to see Wonder Woman tonight with my daughter. Less than three minutes in, I get this: Lovely. A random viewer decided his question about my personal hygiene was a perfect segue from my alliteration about Blue Moon and Business Unusual. Because, why not, right? Later in the broadcast, after I lit into his comment, he told me, “Oh, lighten up.” No. It’s my broadcast and I don’t need to lighten up. You, sir, are welcome to go find another broadcast where you can assume the woman on the other end must really want you to ask her questions about her genitals. Different Day This isn’t a new thing. It’s a new harasser on a new day. Usually […]

Ever had an idea which just might be a money maker? Robert Samuel’s company, Same Ole Line Dudes, helps New Yorkers by standing in line so they don’t have to. Featured on CNBC, Fox Business, and Business Insider, now you can meet Robert on Business Unusual!

Now that any bike ride I embark upon is simply for the purpose of staying fit, somehow my brain is very “meh” about the whole affair.

Going forward and for the foreseeable future, these are the three types of content your business needs to plan in your marketing and sales strategy.

So much goes into pulling off a successful multi-day event, so these are just a few ways your conference will leave attendees planning for next year before your final keynote this time around.

You can learn how to engage thoughtfully rather than rabidly ram your opinions through without attempting to change minds.