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Your live event is alive with energy: how do you translate that to your attendees and audiences through social media? This episode of Laugh & Learn with Really Social will cover how social media can help your event shine through the noise & expose the best aspects for your audience’s benefit. Learn which social tools have the best impact, when you should use them, and where they are most effective. Watch the Blab below or participate live during the show. Would you like to be a guest on our Blab? Click here to get started.

Snapchat is a communication app. It is a social media app in that it allows you to create media and share it socially.

However, Snapchat is different from other social media tools (Twitter, Facebook) because it focuses on real connection – quite possibly, the most real connection we’ve seen for a while from social media.

#BizapaloozaChat: How to Use Snapchat Like a Boss Join us on Twitter as Rachel Moore is the guest of #BizapaloozaChat to share how anyone can be a boss at Snapchat! If you’ve already tried (and hated) Snapchat, or if you haven’t yet taken it for a test drive, Rachel will share why it’s worth your time and how users of all ages are discovering a great platform for true connections. Let’s keep it interesting and Blab about it, too!

With a background in on-air broadcasting, Ross will bring great insights about both Blab and best practices in broadcasting.

JJ Abrams is known for many things, but one legacy follows him into each new project: the lens flare. WAIT, before you go watch The Force Awakens for the 14th time, let’s examine why JJ’s lens flare is important here. Create Your Consistency on Snapchat While I certainly do not suggest incorporating lens flares into your video and image efforts (unless they would really add to the overall result), JJ’s use of them has a valuable takeaway for all of us. When you are consistent in any medium, you generate a few valuable characteristics for your audience: Credibility. Your audience will see you as an authority on whatever topic you wish to share because you share it every day (or at least very regularly). Reliability. Whatever else happens in the world, your “lens flare” – wherever you share it – forms a foundation for your audience. That may seem sappy, […]

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Your live events are fabulous, but you need to get people in the door. Using social media should be a huge component of your event strategy. Join us live or watch below to gain crucial insights into event promotion using social media. Got a question you want answered during the show? Post it in the comments below, or – better yet – join us live on Blab! Rachel can be a guest for your event, too! Click here to get the details started.

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