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Today was our first day of our We’re 40! trip. First thing we did was buy matching bags, special Ultralight backpack for our backs so we could make it to all the trip, it was amazing ! First comprised of traveling by air to Gatwick by way of Reykjavik, then to the hotel by way of train and “the tube” (Underground). What I Saw As we explored South Kensington on foot, we came upon a set of museums: the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. We opted for the last; being on a thrifty budget for this epic trip, we like finding local attractions which don’t break the wallet (okay, who doesn’t?). What a lovely choice! We walked through several sections which highlighted centuries of portraits, furniture, and even rooms which had been moved from their original palatial site to be housed within the […]

As you plan your next design, you may not wish to use a standard, stationary-like white background. You want versatility to overlay an image over any background, right? What you’re looking for is a PNG file. What is a PNG? PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic and is a file format which allows for transparency in the image. If you’ve ever tried to use an image that doesn’t have straight edges and corners on the borders, you’ve felt the pain of an annoying white box bordering the graphic. PNGs solve that issue since you can remove any white border. Making a PNG in Photoshop If you’re lucky enough to have Photoshop, you can easily create a PNG file. Once you open an image file, select the magic wand tool , click on the color you wish to erase, then hit your Delete button. Any color which matches what you clicked […]

It all began as it began for all, Online I went to build myself a place. From text and pics, my feats were all but small, But code helped me create my first MySpace. It wasn’t long before a new tool came, To woo me from the Comic-Sans type look. In no time came a new dot-com to fame. As I and millions flocked to try Facebook. The game was on, as more ways to connect Poured forth onto the web for all to greet. Masses flocked to the tools to post unchecked, To Vine, Snap, Pin, Meerkat, YouTube, and Tweet. Walls fall as people reach out to engage; Let’s change our world, now that we have a stage.

I love that my child can reach levels of satisfaction and happiness to the point where she believes I can do no wrong. But I don’t love it so much that I forget how crucial it is to teach her that to err is so human.

Denver Comic Con was more amazing than I guessed! Next year, multi-day for sure, and I’ll step up my cosplay game.

No one cried at the site, but it was still pretty cool.

If you know another user’s name or handle on a social media platform, you can tag them in a post, comment or even a media image like photo or video.

Admirable attempts by fellow adults have been made to teach developing minds about the dangerous side of social media. For our kids, who daily seek approval and attention from anyone, social media is all too tempting of an outlet. And if your child has a smartphone, they’re on social media. If you have or know a child, start teaching them how to use social media: Show kids how and what you share on social. We’re staring and jabbing at our smartphones each day… Yes, our children are watching and know it must surely be an amazing gadget. Use that rapt attention to let them lean in and watch you compose a post or share a photo on Facebook. Let them make suggestions and guide their choices. Strangers are online just as they are in real life. Show your child that the person who just liked your photo on Instagram is someone you’ve never […]

Not everyone is a comedian. How do you bring the funny to your game?

I knew it would happen sometime. “The kids in my group made fun of my teeth. And I can’t do anything to change it, so… yeah.” So begins my son’s experience in the reality that people suck. In his case, it’s little people. Kids, who might otherwise be pretty nice and decent, often lack some inner monologue and certainly any real tact. Somehow in the middle of a physical activity, some words were let loose which my son had to hear. And he hung on to them all the way until bedtime. He was right. My son inherited his teeth from his dad and me, so it’s no wonder his teeth are destined for braces. He also has a baby tooth up front that hangs on for dear life and looks funky next to his adult teeth growing in haphazardly. Nothing he can do about that, though eventually we can […]